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Make your wedding day truly extraordinary! We are committed to ensuring you look and feel your absolute best. That’s why we are delighted to offer an exclusive wedding package designed for both brides and grooms. Let us make your special day even more unforgettable.

Get 3 treatments at just $115 per session and unlock a bonus treatment absolutely FREE!

Zerona and Lapex are ideal treatments for effectively targeting stubborn fat areas in both brides and grooms.

Experience FDA-approved LipoLaser treatments that are non-invasive, completely pain-free, and require no downtime!

Our treatments do not kill or permanently remove fat cells, but rather allow for pores in fat cells to open and release fat, which is then eliminated through bodily functions. 

Wedding Ready Package!

Purchase 3 treatments at $115 per treatment and receive 1 bonus treatment FREE!

Discover testimonials from our esteemed bride and groom clients...

wedding special offer for lipolaser treatment
Ashley O.
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"My results from ABC have been amazing! I have had so much trouble losing weight in my stomach, hips, and thighs for my wedding. The results were immediate, even the next day after first session of the Zerona I could tell a difference. I just finished my third session and overall have lost 8 inches and about 10 pounds. This includes a whole two inches from my waist. I feel so much better and people have been asking me how I look so good!"
Andrea A.
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"Results so good I came back past Groupon sessions. So good my fiance came back with me! Ed is very knowledgeable and you will get the body you want!"
Drea F.
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"These are by far the quickest results I have ever seen! I lost about a size after my first treatment, I am down two sizes now after 4. Returned with my fiance to get a few more sessions before our wedding, he liked my results so much he wanted them for himself! He, too, has seen great results with inches lost and firmer skin after just two treatments. We are on track to look and feel our best by our wedding and as a bonus, it even caused my stretch marks to fade to almost completely gone! We are believers. Zerona at ABC with Ed will work for you!"
Linda L.
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"Ed is so very helpful. He explained the process well and said that he would take care of me. He’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. In less than a week I’m down 6 pounds! My daughter is getting married in 2 weeks and now I’m going to look fantastic thanks to Ed and Austin Body Contouring! I would highly recommend them."
Chris F.
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"I honestly was skeptical at first,did a lot of research before my fiancee went in for the first time. I did my first treatment on Monday, saw a difference by the end of day one--more definition, and a smaller gut...I'm pretty amazed."

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