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Summers here…

Purchase treatments for JUST $115 each!

JUST $115 Per Zerona Treatment!

Summer’s here…

Are You Ready?

Summer’s Here!  Zerona is here to make sure you are ready.

We are presently offering a $115 one hour treatment on our website.

As a “Returning Client”, we will offer you a 2 HOUR treatment for $115.

While Zerona Lipolaser treatments target stubborn fat, remember that it is working on the “whole body”. 

Read more about Zerona here.

Lose Inches and Gain Confidence with our 100% Pain FREE Zerona Lipolaser Services!

NO Pain
NO Bruising
NO Swelling
NO Downtime
NO Freezing or Thermal Heating

Take advantage of our “Summer Ready Special” with Treatments at JUST $115 each!

Call or text us at 512-660-2810 or email us to schedule!

Special Limited Time Offer, Through July 21, 2023.

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